Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Do you want to build a craftsmen style home?

If you want your new custom built home to be a craftsmen style house then you better make sure that your builder employ’s the highest quality of carpenters. If they don’t then you will probably not be happy with the final product.

When you are interviewing general contractors some of the things that you should be looking for are as follows;

The fit and finish of all the woodworking completed in the houses that the general contractor takes you too. This is one of the key things you should do when you interview a general contractor.

Make sure that you see their work in person, not just in a fancy picture book or on the internet. When you see their work in person then there is no way to hide flaws or problem areas.

When touring houses they have built that are a couple years old look to see how the workmanship of the woodwork has held up. It’s a subtle art to woodwork to make it look good and also to install it properly so that it lasts a long time.

General contractors do not employ all trades; electricians, plumbers, hvac, drywallers and painters are hired as sub-trades. Carpenters are what most general contractors employ. Employing carpenters can make building custom homes easier, it allows the general contractor to control the quality of the work and the overall fit and finish of the end product. Carpenters can also be used as on-site managers. Because a craftsmen style house has a lot of wood work in it, carpenters are onsite throughout the building process which allows them to oversee all the sub-trades that enter the work site. You would have to be building an extremely large house to need an on-site manager that solely managed the house. When I say large house, I mean a house that would be worth 5 million dollars or more.

Companies like Village Builders out of Creemore use their master carpenters not only to build their custom homes but also to be on-site managers controlling quality and craftsmen ship. Village Builders then use management to deal directly with the homeowners and to schedule all the sub-trades and order all the material. This insures that there is one person that is onsite for the construction of the entire home; it also insures that the little things never get overlooked when building your custom home.

Craftsmen style houses encompass a lot of natural products, mostly wood. They can have wood ceilings, wood floors, wood trim, wood mantles and even timber framing in the ceilings. This requires master carpenters that are comfortable working with all those different types of wood and the knowledge of installing them.

So remember if you are planning to build a craftsmen style house, it is important to find out the quality and workmanship of your general contractors carpenters, they are the ones that will make your house look like it should be in a magazine! If you are wondering what a well built craftsmen style house should look like check out our website at www.villagebuilders.ca

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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