Sunday, August 4, 2013

Safety Tip - Proper safety training for employee’s

Safety Tip

The construction industry has changed with the manner they work and in the way that they accomplish the erecting of buildings. Along with the new methods and equipment have come new and advanced safety regulations. In the modern age of construction safety comes before all else when building a custom home.

Proper safety training for employee’s

Training your employee’s is the first line of defence when it comes to minimizing the risks of injuries at the work place.

A properly trained employee has less of a chance of hurting themselves or someone around them.
What construction companies have come to realize is that injuries cost money to everyone involved. The employee that has to go through the injury, the company that has to pay the employee while they are hurt and having their insurance and WSIB rates go up.

Every year employee’s are mandated by the government to have specific training completed depending on the work they are performing.

That’s not the only thing; once you have been trained on some piece of safety equipment that employee should be given an update on that procedure on a yearly basis.

Here is a list of some of the common training courses that are given to construction workers;

Fall arrest
Aerial man-lift
Crane directions
Cutting and grinding tool safe operation
First Aid
Propane storage and use
Flammable liquid storage
Confined space
Working near water
Working near open excavations
Heavy Equipment training
Proper truck driving and backing up procedures
Air tool safety and handling
Proper back care when lifting
Eye protection
Hearing protection
Proper ventilation in construction areas

A lot of the courses listed above you can find government regulated courses or common courses put on by large tool rental companies, there are some on that list that you cannot find and have to give yourself to your employee's. Some safety training only requires a competent person to give the course and not someone that has been certified by a regulating body. This is important to know because it can save you time and money when you give the courses yourself.

A properly trained employee will help keep themselves safe and everyone around them. Nobody wins when someone gets hurt.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


  1. I agree with if the employees are know what there doing less injuries...

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