Sunday, November 24, 2013

Roofing trends for 2013 in custom homes

Roofing trends 2013

Here are some trends in roofing materials being installed in custom homes for 2013. Some of the trends have started this year (2013), a lot of trends where started in the 2012 construction year and continued into this calendar year. There are trends that have been sustained year over year as well; they are considered the long running trends.

Roofing applications in today’s custom homes

Here is a list of the trends that have stayed the same over the last several years;

Asphalt shingles are still the most common and prevalent material installed on all homes. The ease of installation and the price point make them the simple choice for homeowners.

Grace Ice and Water Shield is installed on the first 2 feet of the roof and up the valleys.

Dark coloured asphalt shingles have and are still the most common shingle installed.

Black valleys are still the most common because they go with any kind of dark roofing material.

Steel roofs are gradually growing more common with the ever changing severe weather.

Enviro-shake has all but eliminated the need or want for homeowners to have cedar-shake roofs installed, with the composite material looking so close to real cedar plus giving a lifetime product, something cedar cannot accomplish.

Here is a list of the trends that have started this year and are growing in popularity;

Large peaked roofs that are now prevalent in most architects plans have brought about growing trend of torch down roof membranes on the top of houses because of height restrictions.

Roofs being covered completely in waterproofing from eave to peak to protect against future leaks has become a fast growing trend.

Strip ridge venting is on more and more roofs that have asphalt shingles, giving the clean look and helping to maximize air flow.

Composite roofing materials are gaining popularity as homeowners look for alternatives to asphalt shingles and are not worried about the higher price.

Heavier duty and multiple ply asphalt shingles are growing in popularity for their longer life spans and warranties.

Using multiple materials on custom homes have started to become a more common practice. Installing asphalt shingles on a high steep roof and then installing steel roofs below on porch or lower sloped roofs helps the longevity of the lower roofs and can be very appealing to the eye.

Standing seam steel roofs have by far become the most wanted and installed look in steel. The standing seam gives a richer look to the roof, making it look less like a barn steel roof and more like a luxury material on a custom home.

Overall people are starting to understand that they need to spend more money on their roofing materials since the weather and the climate has become more unpredictable. A higher quality of roofing material is showing that it will survive the more severe storms and save you money from replacing your roof in the future.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


  1. It's good that not only does dedicated roofing flourish, it endures. It really is more than just putting something above our heads. Which is why these trends are always rather enlivening in respect: this means the discipline and tradition is going strong, and is continually evolving. We ought to take a pick from all these things, for whatever zeitgeist they may suit, though we must make design, material and quality of support our top concern.

    Toby @ Tittle Brothers Construction

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  3. I agree with Toby since roofing is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. A single miscalculation may lead to complications that may pester the tenants. Thanks for sharing these new trends that the manufacturers dedicate their time to develop just to ensure their clients' safety! I'm sure more people will have a sturdy and wonderful roofs above their heads.

    Holly Yuja @ New Steel Roofers

    1. You definitely have to weigh all the options when you are deciding on the type of roofing material you will put on your custom home.

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