Sunday, March 1, 2015

Can I buy a Timber Frame Package and Have Village Builders Build The Rest of The Home?


I wanted to buy a timber frame package from a company for my new custom home but I wanted Village Builders to manage the build for the rest of the home, would your company do that?


Yes we would. We construct custom homes and also custom renovations but at the core of our construction business we are General Contractors.

General contractors (GC) manage the constructing of homes and buildings. Our focus is on constructing custom homes and performing custom renovations but it is not the only aspect of our business. We have in the past completed commercial construction, industrial construction, agricultural construction and institutional construction.

When we construct a custom home we usually have our own carpenters complete all the wood work in the home along with the window and door installation. But there have been times when we sub-contracted out all of this work to other companies because the homeowner requested that we use a certain company to do this work for a variety of reasons.

Several times in the past we have built homes with other companies that build log or timber frame homes, the client wanted us to build the home around the package they had bought from that other company. These cooperation’s between us and the log home makers usually proceed fairly well as most log and timber companies sub-contract out the actual constructing and finishing of the home to other companies anyways. The only difference is that they usually don’t contract out to a custom home company with the ability to handle the whole project and the ability to leave the home with an extremely high end finish.

Since a custom home is a lot more than just the timber or log construction it benefits you to have a General Contractor that is local to the area handle the septic, driveway, basement, finishing’s, heating system, well and hydro line installation.

Make sure that whatever company is going to design and build your timber or logs are qualified to manage a custom home not just the erection of the timber and logs. Bring your plans we will be waiting.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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