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What type of trim options do I have when I build a custom home?


What type of trim options do I have when I build a custom home?


The types of trim options you have to select from when building a custom home are as wide a variety as you are able to buy. A custom home is built unique to you the homeowner, this means that you can pick any kind of trim that you want, the only difference is that different types of trim cost more to buy and also can cost more to install.


At the basics you have two different types of trim that you have to pick from, depending on your decision this will then determine the species of wood that you can choose from and how it can be finished.

1. Painted trim. Painted trim is by far the most popular kind of trim being installed in all kinds and manner of homes whether they are custom or track built homes. Painted trim is the less expensive to install and also to finish. There are three basic kinds of painted trim; popular, pine and MDF. Your selection of the species of wood will depend on the application and your budget.

2. Stained trim. Stained trim is more expensive to buy, more expensive to install and far more expensive to finish. You basically can pick from any type of hardwood or softwood that is available for sale. Harwood trim is more expensive to buy then softwoods, your choice of species of wood will be greatly affect your budget. Your choice of trim can change the entire design/feel of your new home.


The reason that there is a different cost for installation has a lot to do with how you are going to finish the trim.

Painted trim is cheaper to install because you have the ability to fill any gaps and you can cover up any mistakes during installation or blemishes in the material. Wood filler works really well to help blend joints, cracks and other imperfections that could be in the material.

Stained trim will not hide any gaps or blemishes or mistakes that are made with installation or with the actual material. The stain that you place on the wood will actually highlight these areas and they will stand out more. Because of this the following has to be done when you want to install stained trim in your custom home;

You must order more trim material when installing stained trim compared to a trim that will be painted, this will give you the ability to sort and cut out the blemishes and imperfections.

You must allow more time for carpenters to install the stained trim so that it is done at a high quality to ensure that the end product looks great.

You must allow for a larger painting budget as it takes longer to properly stain trim.

Don’t be surprised that you will have to pay for the painter to prepare different stain samples for you to choose from, this is because the painter has to buy the stain to do the samples.

Your budget will have the biggest effect on your chooses as the more exotic the species of wood the more it will cost to purchase, this will have a direct effect on your budget. Work with your general contractor so that you stay within your preapproved budget.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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