Saturday, November 17, 2012

Staging that new room after your renovation

One of the bigger concerns that we have to manage when renovating a home is living up to the expectations of the homeowner. You can show a homeowner a picture on a computer what their newly renovated home will look like after you have completed it, but they never really get a feel for the space until they are standing in it.

One great way to handle this is to stage the rooms with an interior designer before the homeowners see the final product. They can use the existing furniture, or they can bring in new pieces to help accent the rooms. Simple things that go along way for that visual wow factor are pillows and bedspreads. Also window treatments like blinds and drapes give the rooms a more lived in feel.

All this is called staging. What it does is bring the clients out of renovation that you where paid to do and into their brand new home. It gives off a different feeling when you walk into a room that has everything in its place, from area rugs to the lighting. It allows the clients to just walk in and enjoy the space, instead of getting to work themselves and having to make all kinds of decisions.

Staging allows the contractor to leave the client with warm and happy feelings.  This is important to contractors because they hope that they might have other renovation work in the future from the same people. Plus in our company (Village Builders) we go out of our way to try and please are clients so that every single client can be used as a reference, helping to generate more work with their friends, family and neighbours.

Renovating some ones home takes time, it seems always longer then the homeowner thinks that it should. It also seems to cost more than the homeowner originally wanted to spend at the beginning. So for the months that you renovate the home you are always trying to keep the relationship between the two parties as positive as possible. There are always things in renovating that go wrong; if they are not managed properly then the home owners can be left with a bitter taste in their mouths. So if you can leave them with a finished space that will remind them everyday how wonderful things turned out, then they will forget about the little things that went wrong. It’s truly a win-win for all parties involved.

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