Sunday, February 17, 2013

83% of Canadians would rather renovate their home then move!

83% of Canadians would rather renovate their home then move!

Whether it is liking the neighbourhood you live in or not wanting to have to go through the process of moving a majority of Canadians would rather renovate their existing home then sell it and build or buy a new one. A whopping 83% of Canadians want to stay in their home.

With that figure in mind we have built our construction company to help people stay in their home by renovating it. Village Builders has a streamlined approach to taking a home owner with dreams of a fresh new look to their home all the way to the finished product.

We do this in several ways; it all starts with the first meeting. Once we have established you as a client then we work with you to bring your dreams, thoughts, idea’s to life on paper. Our design team will create a space using the latest in computer modelling so that when it is all said and done we are able to place you in the room and give you a first-hand look at what your new space could look like. We even have the ability to measure your existing furniture and place it in your new digital room so that you will know that it can fit.

Once you have a design then we are able to give you a proper detailed quote, we can also give you options to help make the project larger or smaller depending on your financial situation and your needs. Once you are satisfied with the price of your renovation we can then move on to the scheduling of the project.

A lot of times the schedule of your renovation has a lot to do with the ordering of certain things like plumbing fixtures. These can take up to 6 to 8 weeks sometimes to receive. Plumbing valves are one of the first things to be installed in the walls once the demolition has been completed and the reframing of the studs has started.
Village Builders is able to use speciality temporary plastic walls to control dust and debris from the rest of the home that is not under renovation. This allows us to work quicker without having to worry about where the drywall dust is drifting, we also use speciality flooring protection so any existing flooring will be left undisturbed and undamaged.

Once the construction part of the project is completed our design team is able to come in and help stage the new space so that you will be able to maximize its potential. We are also able to help you source and purchase a wide variety of furniture, light fixtures, linens and many other item that will help bring that dream you started with too life.

So if you are thinking about renovating your home give Village Builders a call, you’ll be happy that you did.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

Statistics for this post were found in the 2013 February issue of Canadian House and Home.   

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  1. Renovating an old house can be beneficial. Most especially if the renovation is quite impressive, also, the value of the house will be much higher. There are reasons why Canadians leave their home. Some say they’ve found a new house that is more efficient for them to live in; business related, near family members, landmark, or for safety purposes.
    - Julio Oyola