Friday, October 4, 2013

What are "replacement" windows?


What are "replacement" windows?


Replacement windows are windows that are made specifically for a single customer; they are ordered to fit the exact size and shape of a given opening in a particular house. This is so that you can precisely replace the home's existing, usually outdated or damaged windows.

The finishing on the outside of the home will affect how the replacement windows are constructed. Windows that are made to fit in a house with brick are manufactured with what is referred to as a “brick sill” around the outside. A replacement window being installed into wood siding would not have one of these.

When you are installing replacement windows in a house with siding the window is designed to stick out proud of the siding and to have a metal drip cap on top of it. Brick installation of replacement windows are made to fit right into the brick without a metal drip cap, all you do is caulk the windows to the brick and the brick sticks out proud of the window.

When ordering replacement windows you should take great care with the measuring. Since they are made to fit exactly to your measurements you should be making your measurements as accurate as possible. One of the best and simplest ways to ensure this is to have the window installer do all the measuring for you. If you do not have a window installer yet then you can ask the representative or sales agent that you are buying the windows to complete the measuring.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
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