Friday, October 11, 2013

What is a "rough-in" when talking about construction?


What is a "rough-in"?


“Rough-in” is a term that refers to plumbing, electrical, structured wiring, vacuum or gas piping installation when it is at its basic and simplest installation. The installation to be considered a rough-in must be without finishing’s on it.

A rough-in is installed when the home is at its bare-bones stage, meaning that it is without wall finishing’s and usually before any insulation has been installed.

A rough-in is installed without finishing’s so that it can survive the construction process that has to happen around it, a rough-in can be installed and then have to survive for months until it can have the finishing’s installed.

A rough-in usually consists of the bare material with an end cap on it to prevent anything from entering the piping or hose such as dirt, dust or debris.

Once the drywall has been installed and the walls have been primed with paint then the tradesmen will come back and add the finishing’s to the rough-in.

When you see a rough-in do not worry if it looks ugly or unfinished, at the end you will never see the rough-in once the finishing’s are installed.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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