Friday, March 2, 2012

Hilti Reciprocating Saws

The Hilti Reciprocating saws

As a general contractor I have owned many a reciprocating saw, everything from Dewalt to Makita and everything in between. But nothing has stood up better then the reciprocating saws from Hilti.

Hilti tools overall are made with a higher standard and are backed by a great warranty and equally wonderful repair centre for when you need repairs after the warranty has expired.

Hilti makes 3 types of corded reciprocating saws. They are as follows;

1. WSR 1000. This is the smallest saw that they make, but has no problem handling the cutting of wood and metal while doing demolition. It has a 1000 Watt motor that has no trouble keeping up with whatever you need to do. It is not a bulky or heavy tool so it fits easily in tighter spaces. Some of the features on the saw are a button that locks the trigger so that you can have continuous running even when your finger isn’t on the trigger. The chuck is enclosed so that it doesn’t get damaged when you plunge the saw into something that you really shouldn’t.

2. WSR 1250-PE. This is the middle saw in the Hilti line and my personal favourite. It is a larger saw then the 1000 and has the power to match its size. Everything about this saw is made to take a lot of abuse by construction workers. This saw even has hardened carburized gearing inside to help lengthen the tool life when under heavy and constant abuse. This saw has what Hilti calls the “smart power” system, what this does is maintain the power to the blade during any use so that the blade never slows down and continues cutting at the same rate. One of the unique features about this saw is it has an orbital action setting, what this allows you to do if you are cutting through a large piece of wood is to swing the blade forward so that it cuts aggressively faster and cleaner. It also has an anti-vibration system built in so that you can cut longer with less stress on your hands and arms.

3. WSR 1400-PE.  This is the big daddy of saws and probably the one of the biggest saws that you will find out there today. It is so big and powerful that I have known contractors that have used it to cut cement blocks. The blades that are available for this large saw are impressive, you can cut tree’s down with this saw and it won’t even notice. This saw has AVR which is “Active Vibration Reduction” and is needed with some of the things that we do with this saw. This saw is truly a beast and can handle any heavy work that you need it to do.

Hilti also sells all their own high quality blades for everything you could ever want. They are hardened blades that last a lot longer than the blades that you buy from your local hardware store. They don’t just last longer but they also cut faster and more accurately.

So if you are looking for a great reciprocating saw look no further then Hilti, they make the best reciprocating saws on the market today and have the warranties to back them up.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


  1. Why not give another model a chance. You can get them all here. I get one also and I didn't regret it.

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  3. Had my 1250 PE melt down at 6 months. Recip saws are not covered by the Hilti warranty. Repairs are out of pocket. Read the fine print before purchasing.

  4. Always love Hilti tools! A trusted supplier of ours is Fastfix Malaysia.