Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hilti spray foam

Hilti spray foam

When we install windows and doors we use only one spray foam to insulate around them. The spray foam that we use is Hilti spray foam. Hilti makes high end spray foam to use around windows and doors. It is low expansion, if you use a high expansion foam you could jamb the window or door when the foam over expanses. You can even brake the glass in a window if you put too much of it in around a window.

Hilti also sells an application gun to install the foam. The gun itself it worth buying from Hilti, because if the gun is kept properly cleaned and maintained it will last a lot longer time then foam guns sold at a hardware store. When I am forced to buy a foam gun from a hardware store I always cringe because I know that the gun will only last for a short while. Most hardware store foam guns are made of plastic and overtime the pressure of the foam will crack the gun and render it useless.

Hilti’s CF 812 spray foam contains no CFC’s. They make several different types of spray foam, one being a
low temperature application and another for creating fire breaks. The CF 812 is the foam that you need for residential application when applying it around the doors and windows.

The Hilti foam when used with the Hilti spray foam gun work so well together that if you try it once you will only want to use it.  You will be hooked like I and every other contractor that has tried Hilt’s spray foam.

The foam gun has fine adjustment that allows you to spray a large amount of foam to fill a large void or apply a small amount of foam for those tight spaces like around windows and doors.

Hilti’s foam gun is so fine tuned that you can use it for filling small cracks between ICF blocks when constructing them.

Spray foam is used to insulate areas where you do not want any air penetration. Air penetration leads to drafts and higher heating and cooling bills. Every contractor needs to use spray foam when renovating or building new homes. Modern building codes require spray foam around all windows and doors.

Since you have to use it, you should use the best, use Hilti CF 812 spray foam.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


  1. Never heard of Hilti but sounds to have similar features of ArcticFoam Products Like you said low expansion spray foam is especially important when sealing windows and doors to prevent window and door bowing. Using the gun also provides better access into smaller cracks and better control of the spray

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