Saturday, March 17, 2018

Change Your Siding And Give The Building New Life

Have an old building? A garage, house, cottage a little bit of siding goes a long way!

No matter what the building looks like if you want it to look more appealing then install some new siding.

There are many different types of siding, colours, products, profiles and ways to install it. But the underlying theme is that new siding turns an old building into something newer and inviting.

In today's labour market paying someone to scrap the old paint off your siding and re-paint it is about the same price as removing it and installing new siding, the new siding will come with a warranty on the paint or the colour depending on what product you choose.

Some of the things you need to consider before picking a product;

  • Budget. Your budget will be what defines which product you can be pick as there is a wide variety of siding materials to pick from and they all come with different price tags.
  • Sub-structure. If your sub-structure is older and rotten then you will need to either add a layer to the outside to help with the siding installation. Siding fasteners require something solid to be attached too.
  • Insulation. If you are re-siding a house or a cottage, an easy way to help the inside become more cozy and energy efficient is to add some insulation board to the outside of it. There are varying thicknesses depending on what R-value you want to achieve, but well installed insulation board can stop most drafts and it also helps seal the walls from unwanted creatures finding their way into the walls.
  • Ripple affect. When you start changing the outside finishing's of a building you will end up finding things that need repairing or replacing. Once you start fixing siding you could end up  being forced to replace or repair soffit, facia, windows, doors, porches, outside electrical, overhangs, eavetrough, etc depending on the damage.
  • Style. You can change the entire look of a building depending on the style and colour that you pick for your siding. You can make the building look classical or you can make the building look modern and sleek. Nothing transforms a house faster then the changing of siding.
 Whatever you decide on for for your siding make sure that you hire a professional contractor to supply and install it. No matter how nice the product you pick is it will only look as good as the company that is installing it. So do your research and find a company that not only can install the product but also someone you feel comfortable with as well.

Its your property you should feel like you've made the proper choice once its installed.

Village Builders Inc.