Sunday, April 29, 2018

Making Those Spring Repairs To Your Home

Now that spring has finally arrived people are now slowly taking worrisome peaks around the outside of their homes, scared of what they will find. What do they find? All kinds of things and none of them are good.

With the long drawn out winter that we just experienced there are more chance that something has gone wrong on the outside of your home. Some of the things you already know about, you knew about them before the winter and decided to wait, some of them you found out about in the winter and some you just noticed for the first time this spring. Which ever it is they need to be repaired and usually they need a professional to do the repairs.

One thing that usually happens is that you hire someone to come and do an exterior or interior repair and they end up finding more things that are wrong, things that you didn't know where a problem; 1. because you didn't know to look for them, 2. because they were hidden from your inspections that are usually from the ground and are only a quick look.

The amount of things that can be wrong are lengthy;

  • Damaged or plugged eavetroughs. The plugged eavetrough are usually the precursor to the damaged eavetrough. Cleaning them out will help prevent the damage or destruction of them later.
  • Facia damage. Some times facia can be damaged from high winds, can be damaged if eavetrough are ripped off the house from snow and ice, sometime wood facia become meals for animals trying to get into your attic.
  • Soffit damage. Wind can damage soffits, water can rot wood soffits and animals can eat through them to get into your attic to survive the winter.
  • Siding. Wind, water and animals can damage siding. Also time and UV light are hard on siding, taking the paint off and exposing it to rot, rotents and bugs.
  • Caulking. Caulking can be damaged or can fail after a long winter, this can allow water penetration around windows, chimneys, doors, siding corners and many other places.
  • Shingles. Winter can be particularly hard on shingled roofs, snow and ice buildup and high winds can remove shingles or wear them thin. A lot of time you don't even know they are missing until the snow has melted off the roof. High steep roofs, roofs with water proofing under the shingles will resist water penetration but if not repaired will leak eventually.
  • Foundation problems. Nobody really knows how dry their basement is until they have a big melt followed by a bigger rain storm, this is when you find out if your foundations waterproofing works, if the water runs away from the house or the window wells allow too much water around the foundation.
  • Sump Pump. Most people have no idea how well their sump pump works, they only know when it stops working. Then of course its to late.
  • Decks. Decks are something that take a lot of abuse throughout the winter, they usually have no roof or protection over top of them and they sit off the ground allowing the snow and wind to blow right underneath them. This can cause damage to the foundations and to the wood tops as well, damage and rot that you don't see until all the snow is removed.
Its human nature that once the weather starts to finally warm up people start calling around looking for people to come out and make these repairs, the earlier you call the better chance you will have to finding a good contractor to do the work and also getting scheduled in before they are completely booked for the entire spring and summer season.

The biggest mistake you can make is choose your contractor on price alone, remember you get what you pay for. Good quality contractors are not cheap, but their work is second to none and comes with a warranty, its worth paying that little extra.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

How to Transform Your Master Bedroom into a Cozy Den

How to Transform Your Master Bedroom into a Cozy Den
The master bedroom is such a place in a home where the design should reflect comfort and relaxation. Unfortunately, most people ignore the décor priorities of the room probably because the guests seldom get to see it.
Nevertheless, it’s not a good practice to keep the room out of your décor script. Rather, your focus should be to make it a relaxing retreat where you can escape after a stressful day.
Concentrate on the walls.

They cover the largest space in the room. Your job will be half done if you can decorate them the right way. Painting them will be an easier and more budget-friendly option than covering with wallpaper or fabric. Select one or a couple of soft colors such as khaki, ash, off-white, baby blue, or other pale shades and coordinate them in a way so that they look visually harmonious. The hues should be your personal favorites so that they appear relaxing to you.
Custom painting is even a better option as it lets you be artful in new ways and personalize a room in a way no wallpaper can. Creating a pattern, painting a scene, or design a customized look with a water-esque wall will give the place a unique look.
Treat the headboard as a separate spot.
It does not have to be a part of your painting-the-walls-scheme because it has much more design potential if you treat it as an isolated décor area. If it is upholstered, you can easily update the look of the room every year just by reupholstering it.
You can also create drama by installing a headboard up to the height of the ceiling. Choose the fabric in silk or linen and keep the color in a neutral shade. It will bring a feeling of subtle opulence without creating any fuss.
Or replace the headboard with wainscoting.
Wood panel wainscoting installed on the wall behind your bed will greatly uplift the atmosphere. So if headboard is not your thing, replace it altogether with an attractive design element such as wainscoting decorations. Besides, the warmth of wooden finish will make the place more welcoming. provides home upgrade services whether you want to renovate the living room or basement.
Arrange for adequate lighting.
The place should be well-lighted from both natural and artificial sources. Big windows and glass doors are excellent for inviting the sunlight, but you also have to have the proper combination of atmosphere and mood lighting. Use chandeliers or pendants as the main source and keep wall sconces and table lamps for mood lighting. If you have a dedicated corner, use recessed lights and low-hung small overheads to light up that spot.
Create a cozy corner.
A comfortable nook or a sitting area for reading and relaxing is a nice addition to a master bedroom. The place is the only true retreat for many busy parents where they get the chance to be themselves after a hectic day. So, having an extra spot to unwind besides the bed will give you the opportunity for rest and reflection. Decorate a reading nook, relax by the window seats, or gather a couple of sofas around the fireplace to share a hearty chat. Gather a couple of comfy seats or a bench at the foot of the bed if the space allows.
Feel the softness under the feet.
The flooring should feel soft and luxurious under your feet if you truly want to transform the bedroom into an oasis. Carpet can be a good option, but nothing could beat the sheepskin rugs. Every time you step on the, you’ll enjoy the plushy feeling. Besides, they will feel cozy and warm during the winter season.
Research finds out that people sleep better in a clean and comfortable bedroom. So, you need to prioritize the design of the master bedroom if you want to keep the noisy, hectic world out of it. These ideas will help to create a serene atmosphere into the heart of your home.