Friday, July 29, 2011

Glass the hot new trend in bathrooms

Glass is the in thing in bathrooms!
More and more bathrooms have glass everywhere in them.
Instead of having the walls of your shower tiled, think of having large panes of glass installed. The backs of the glass are painted whatever colour you desire, it leaves your walls with clean lines and almost no joints. This makes cleaning easy with no grout lines to scrub. The glass panels are glued to the cement board walls and caulked around the bottom and top edges, giving you a waterproof seal. The cost of this is very reasonable. You can install this glass on the walls of the bathroom as a wainscoting; it gives you that nice clean streamlined look that has become very popular. A lot of times in smaller bathrooms too much tile can make the room feel busy and confined, when you install glass panels with their almost seamless edges the bathroom feels less busy.
Another way to use glass is to put a large mirror at one end of the bathroom to give the bathroom a feeling of depth so that you don’t feel so confined. It also allows people to check there clothes and make up instead of going to another room.
You don’t have to install large square mirrors over the vanities anymore; decorative mirrors have become very popular. You can get them in different shapes and sizes; you can get them edged so that there is a nice pattern around the outside edge. Picture framing the mirror with the same trim that the house has in it looks rather nice, or bordering them with some drapes to give it that window effect are popular. A new thing with bathroom mirrors is heated mirrors. This allows you to take as long and hot a shower as you want too without fogging up the mirror. The heater is installed at the back of the mirror and warms the glass keeping the mirror from fogging. You can have the heater customized to make a pattern, so if you want the mirror to have a round port hole look with the rest of it fogged, or if you want writing to appear in the mirror, nothing is impossible anymore.
Small makeup mirrors on pullout arms have come back in popularity, most of them magnify and have lights built into them.
Installing mirrors that run from floor to ceiling behind the vanity sink can give the bathroom that large feeling. It allows you to do an open concept vanity so that you can see the mirror under the sink at the back wall of the vanity. Then you have the taps from the sink come out of the wall through the mirror. It’s a striking look! To see one of these, log on to our website and go to the picture gallery.
One thing that hasn’t become that popular yet is glass counter tops for your vanity. It allows you to customize the colour and pattern; also you can do a glass backsplash with it. The counter top glass is very durable and easily cleaned.
So the next time your thinking about renovating your bathroom, think about installing glass instead of tile. If you have any questions about bathrooms or pictures of bathrooms feel free to email me at or visit our website at
Our design department would be happy to help you with your next bathroom renovation.
Rob Abbott
Operations Manger
Village builders Inc.

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