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Low cost-High impact home cosmetic changes when renovating

Low Cost – High Impact
Home Cosmetic Changes

How would you like to add a little magic to your home?

Simply applying a fresh coat of paint to a room can have an amazingly positive impact on how you feel about your home. It also adds value for a potential buyer. The effect is almost magical and well worth the cost of a few gallons of paint and a weekend's worth of time.

Making small cosmetic changes to your home can go a long way toward reviving your enjoyment of your living space. Changes as simple as tiling a backsplash, hanging a new front door, installing new bath faucets, new mirrors and lights can make a big difference.

We advocate that homeowners plan and budget for affordable, impactful cosmetic projects regularly. That way, they can reap the benefits of living in a more comfortable and personalized environment while continuing to improve and boost their home's value. But what qualifies as a small-scale cosmetic project, and which ones have the most value specifically regarding resale? Here's a short list to consider:

Painting. Few homeowners realize how dingy and faded a painted wall or house can become over time. It really is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do. Even if you paint the room or house the same color as before, it will take on a fresh new look and feel.
While an exterior paint job is certainly a larger investment than a single room project (and perhaps best done by professionals), the expense is still relatively small compared to its impact.
For even greater appeal, consider a palette of colors for the main body of the room or house with contrasting yet complementary colors for the trim and accents areas. For a room, think about painting one wall a dramatic, deep color that will both highlight and add interest.

Bathroom Revival. Got a bathroom that needs a little sprucing up, if not a complete overhaul? Removing old wallpaper, replacing faucets and towel bars, installing new light fixtures, and swapping out that big, long mirror for smaller framed units over each vanity sink are all relatively easy and affordable cosmetic improvements that can make a big difference to you and your home's value.
You can achieve more efficient water use by installing low-flow faucets and showerheads.

Lighting. As long as you don't change the locations of your lighting fixtures in the ceilings and walls around your house, you can make a low-cost yet highly impressive statement by updating those fixtures.
Consider choosing a consistent style and finish in your lighting products for all your rooms, from living areas to bathrooms and even the laundry room. The style can be reflected in all your lighting applications -- chandeliers, pendants, globes, and sconces.

Hardware. Swap out your door handles and kitchen and bath cabinet pulls for an easy and affordable do-it-yourself improvement project. Depending on your style preference, you may choose to be consistent in the finish and overall style, or you may mix it up with different styles of knobs and levers.
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