Monday, July 9, 2012

Some of the other things general contractors do other then building

Recently my wife had some family friends over for brunch. We just finished renovating our house (again) and after giving them a tour and explaining how everything in the house works the wife turned to me and said “we live in the city, I don’t think we could live in the country, there’s so much to know!”
I couldn’t help myself I replied “actually all you need is a good contractor.”
She gave me a curious look; it made me realize that people don’t understand all the things that general contractors do for their clients.

We don’t just build people houses, we end up advising on a wide selection of issues and organizing different people to come fix, repair or install different things.

Here are some of the things that general contractors help their client with that doesn’t include building and renovating;

Landscapers. The hiring, organizing and advising of landscapers on what area’s they should stay away from when digging, planting and manicuring of lawns.

Well and water treatment. If you are not on city water then you will eventually need someone to advice you on well pumps, pressure tanks, well heads, pump switches, well water lines, well water treatment, water protection and water testing. The treatment of well or city water these days can be an every growing issue. Homeowners are buying more expensive fixtures and appliances that require water treatment to help them last longer. Also water taste is a big issue; today as long as you want to spend the money then you can change the taste of your water to whatever you desire.

Water drainage. One of the biggest problems people can have in the country is not having the proper water drainage away from their homes. People can be under the impression that they have a waterproofing problem when it could simply be a water drainage problem.

Wildlife management. Wildlife can cause damage to your home and property. Sometimes you will need advice to deal with animals and sometimes you will need repairs after the fact.

Decks and deck repairs. Owning a home means repairs, one of the most frequent repairs or replacements that happen to homes are the decks and patios. Decks and patios are exposed to the elements and wildlife; they take the biggest beating.

Snow removal and winter damage. Organizing and advising on snow removal personal and repairing damage when it happens.

Heating and cooling needs. When living in the country, heating can be a challenge. There are certain things that are only done in the country like geothermal heating and wood fired furnaces.

Security. When living in the country you can have false alarms in your security system. It is cheaper and quicker to have someone like your contractor stop by and check the house instead of the alarm company who will send a bill for the false alarm.

Advice on septic maintenance. There is a lot involved to taking care of a septic system properly. But once your general contractor has advised you on the best practices then you should have little difficulty. What you will need is advice from time to time on your system as different things happen.

Surveying. If you ever want to install a fence, dig drainage ditches or build a small out building, the first thing the township will ask you for is if you have a current survey of the property. Also if you do not know your neighbours very well then it’s best to ask your contractor to organize a survey so that you can guarantee that you are not violating your neighbour’s property lines.

These are just some of things that contractors do for homeowners when living in the country. So don’t be afraid of the country, find yourself a good contractor that you can have a long relationship with that is beneficial for both parties.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.  

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