Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What is "structured" or advanced wiring?

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What is "structured" or advanced wiring?


 The combined growth of personal home computers, consumer electronics, entertainment systems, and

home security products-not to mention the dynamic evolution of the technology behind them—has

prompted builders to offer wiring schemes that enable whole-house communications, data and audio-

visual sharing, and other features. Typically consisting of Category 5 (or "Cat-5") wiring and coaxial cable,

structured or advanced wiring schemes allow homeowners to customize their use of technology to meet

their lifestyle needs. Cat-5 is the basics of advanced wiring and is the vital link for the ever expanding

technology and communication advancements.

More and more technology is being geared toward cellphone usage. This allows people to control parts of

their home from their cell phone anywhere in the world. You can control lighting, heat/cooling, gas fireplaces,

garage door openers, audio/video components, security and new high end appliances are being fitted with

the ability of remote access (you could pre-heat the oven when your not even there).

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