Friday, February 1, 2013

Why is attic ventilation as important as attic insulation?



Why is attic ventilation as important as attic insulation?


Attic ventilation removes the humid air that escapes from the house through the ceiling of your home.  This humid air that arrives in the attic needs to be vented outside or it will damage your home.  When you see ice built up in the eavestrough or hanging from the eaves, it is a lack of ventilation that is the cause, not the amount of insulation in the attic.

Ventilation means that air is coming into the attic through the soffits and out the roof vents, taking this humid air with it.  Improving the insulation in your attic will help with your energy bills, but attic ventilation will save your shingles, prevent ice build up on your roof (which can cause water leakage to the inside of your home), prevent humid air condensating in the attic and possibly growing mould!

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