Saturday, September 21, 2013

Roll-off systems for your construction company

Going to a roll-off system

Are you getting tired of fixing trailer lights, getting the trailer safeties, repairing tires and fixing hitches? Get rid of the trailers and switch over to a roll-off system.

Roll-off systems aren’t just for large container companies, they can be put on a truck that is licensed for the average worker. This means that you don’t have to employ a transport driver just to drive around and pick up garbage or drop off material to your jobsites.

Roll-off systems are fairly simple things when you brake them down to their individual parts and look at them.

You take a 1 ton pick up truck or a small scale transport tractor, take whatever is off the back and install a system that has two slide rails, under the slide rails you install hydraulic pistons to lift the rails up on an angle. These rails are the guide system that holds on whatever you want to have on the back of the truck, it can be a garbage bin, flat deck, storage container or even a site trailer without wheels. These loaded items get rails attached to them as well and these rails when interlocked with the rails on the truck hold the item straight and level on the back.

Then you have a large winch attached at the top of the rails near the cap of the truck. The winch is what pulls on and lets slide off what ever item  you want.

As you raise the pistons you release the winch allowing whatever you have to slide or roll off the truck onto the ground. If you are taking a full garbage bin to the dump then you simple raise the pistons without releasing the winch, with the back of the garbage bin open the truck now acts as a dump truck.

With this type of system you can roll-off whatever container you want and pull on another one. So you can drop your garbage container at a jobsite and then go pick up your flat deck to move equipment or pick up material. Instead of having a jobsite trailer you can have a jobsite container, you don’t have to worry if the lights aren't working or the brakes have been replaced. The only thing you have to worry about is the truck and its lights and brakes.

Going to this kind of system will take your maintenance costs way down from where they are now. You will not be fixing trailers and worrying about having the proper paperwork filled out. All you have to worry about is one truck and what comes along with owning that truck.

The company that we have been using for this is called On-Trux Roll offs, they build a high end roll-off system that can be installed on any type of large truck whether it is a small or large transport or a larger conventional pick up truck.

What you might find is that you are able to do a lot more with less, less trucks and less trailers.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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