Saturday, February 15, 2014

Things are looking up, ceiling design ideas

People often overlook the ceiling when deciding on paint, light placement and speakers.

The ceiling is your fifth wall and should be treated with the same respect as the other four, people tend to notice ceilings that have something wrong with them before they notice something wrong with the walls, that’s why it so important to make sure that your ceilings will look good.

Often pot lights are used in excess, you can never have too much lighting options but there are many other lighting options out there to explore. Change it up with different accent lighting and you will be able to create many different moods in one room just with your lighting.

Ceiling speakers should be aligned with central fixtures to help them disappear, today’s choices of ceiling speakers allow you to hide them in the ceiling with only the grill that covers the speaker showing, painting the grill of the speaker to match the ceiling colour helps it disappear.
Return air grills should be placed above doors or windows where possible, they still need to be functional but you don’t want them to stick out and be the focal point of the room, a little paint to help them blend in with the wall colour is also a nice little trick to make them vanish.

If you want to use white, add 25% of the wall colour into the paint to soften the look and give a warmer cozier feel to the room instead of plain white.

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