Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hitachi 16 gauge finishing nailer NT65M2S

Hitachi finish nailer one the best 16 gauge nailers on the market

The Hitachi NT65M2S 16 gauge pneumatic finish nailer is one the best tools on the market today.

Some of the features of the tool;

It will accept fasteners from 1” to 2.5” at the 16 gauge diameter.

This is an oil-free air tool.

You do not require a tool to take the gun apart when you have a jam or if you want to clean it. It works with snap clips that are easy to open and just as easy to secure.

It is a pneumatic finishing nailer which means that it requires an air compressor to make it work.

It is a light weight trim gun at only 3.7 lbs.

The design of the tool is smaller than a lot of finish guns so that it can fit into tight places without having to switch to a smaller tool like an 18 gauge nailer.

There is a drive-dial on the side of the tool to set the depth you want the fasteners to go depending on the species of the material that you are nailing through.

The exhaust port can be turned 360 degrees in any direction so that the air is never exhausting where you don’t want it too. This will help you when you are working in a dusty corner allowing you to direct the blow back away from your face or a surface that will send dust or debris into the air.

It has a by-pass for an air release that allows you to blow out holes or corners easily. This allows you to clean the area you want to nail, then blow back from firing the tool doesn’t through dust in the air or around your face.

There is a simple one button switch that allows you to go from single fire to bounce fire depending on what you want to do with the tool.

The Hitachi trim nailer lives up to the reputation of other Hitachi pneumatic air tools. It is simple to use, designed well and functions efficiently when worked hard.

Another Hitachi trait that this trim nailer seems to embody is the no to low maintenance, with little to no down time. Even after months of trim crews using the tool outside/inside and in all weather conditions this nailer keeps firing. If you ever get a nail jammed in it the tool less ends make it quite simple to clear the jam and get the tool back in working order.

The gun is smaller than a lot of the other trim nailers that I have owned, its closer to the size of an 18 gauge nailer then the traditional 16 gauge nailer that is more bulky and can give you a lot of trouble when you try to nail into tight corners.

If you are looking for a reliable trim nailer that can take a beating and keep driving finish nails then the Hitachi NT65M2S is the trim nailer for you.

Rob Abbott
Operation Manager
Village Builders Inc.


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