Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A custom garage (they ultimate man cave)

A custom garage (they ultimate man cave)

Are you thinking about building a new home or are looking to add more space to store your toys? You should consider building yourself a custom garage. It could be the ultimate MAN CAVE.

Depending on what you like to do a garage built and customized to your needs could give you more enjoyment then the rest of your home!

Most people’s first thoughts when they think of a garage are 4 walls with a concrete floor and a white garage door. Boy howdy how things have changed!

The custom garage is candy land for people who like to spend time out of the house.

Here is a brief list of some of the more popular things be built into custom garages;

Heated floors. Heated floors are the answer to a building that is always hard to make comfortable especially when the floors are made from concrete.

New see thru garage doors allow the maximum amount of light to filter through them to brighten up the garage without the need for a lot of extra light.

Coated concrete floors. There are new coatings that are applied like a sealant to the garage floor. This gives the floor grip, reduces the chance of the floor being stained and stops “concrete dust” that always lingers on top of concrete floors.

New storage and racking systems that are made to work with a wall systems to hang everything up and out of the way. The new systems can hang not only from the walls but also from the ceilings for larger items like kayaks and canoes to bikes and sail boards.

New cabinets that are water proof and rust proof, made to handle temperature changes and moist environments.

High ceilings so that you can hang things from the roof and turn things end for end without worrying about knocking things off the ceiling.

Rubberized floor pads in key work stations to reduce the amount of fatigue from walking on hard floors.

Wired for sound. Today’s custom garages are wired for sound and television, no reason to miss the big game or to have to work without music.

One of the trendy things that people have come to install in their custom garages is a garage door at each end of the building. This allows equipment to be driven straight through the garage and out the back without the need to back out or to find a way around the garage to the backyard.

One of the more expensive trends to start happening in custom garages is the building of walkout living space below them. This is accomplished by installing concrete or core slabs on top to hold the vehicles and then treating the downstairs like a walkout basement. It’s a good idea for people looking for extra living space, rental space, in-law suite or a place to get away from the main house for some quite time.

One thing’s for sure garages aren’t garages anymore, they are a place to go and enjoy yourself while you’re there getting some work done or simply hiding from the world.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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