Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bend those knees when shoveling snow off the jobsite- construction safety


Bend those knees when shoveling snow off the jobsite.

It might sound like a logical thing to talk about when living in Canada but there are a lot of compensation claims during the winter from workers hurting their backs from shoveling snow on construction sites.

Shoveling snow off of a construction site is a necessary evil, snow must be removed for work to progress and un-shoveled snow is actually a safety hazard as it increases the potential for slips and falls at the work site. All area’s that workers are going to be working in or travel through must have the snow removed and to do that on most sites means it has to be done by hand instead of with a machine.

Depending on the weather conditions the snow can be heavy or it can be full of ice, these kind of conditions can cause injured backs if the proper snow shoveling techniques aren’t fallowed.

I’m not here to tell people how to properly shovel snow, if you live in Canada you should already know how to do that, what I am here to do is remind you to Bend Your Knees.

Most people that injure there back (shoveling snow) usually do it because they are either not paying attention to the way they are shoveling snow or they are in too big of a hurry when they are actually doing it.

Bend Your knees and when you’re finished shoveling snow you will still be able to work the rest of the day.

Remember that the easiest way to stay safe on a construction site is to think before you do anything.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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