Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Back painted glass for your kitchen backsplash

Back painted glass for your kitchen back-splash

Are you having a custom home built or having a new kitchen installed in your existing home? Have you thought about the back splash that you want to install on the walls?

It is important that you install a back-splash behind the stove of your new kitchen, it helps protect the wall from being damaged or potentially ignited by the extreme heat that can come off the back burner of a gas stove.

When you are thinking about all the options for kitchen back-splashes you should take the opportunity to look at back painted glass. This is something that is growing in popularity in custom homes and new kitchens.
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Back painted glass is exactly what it sounds like; it is glass that has the back part of it painted to whatever colour you want. The glass is installed with a special adhesive to the drywall of your kitchen where a normal tile back-splash would usually be installed. The affect is a very simple and (depending on the size and shape) seamless coloured back drop for your kitchen. 

Back painted glass is heat resistant and is extremely easy to clean. It is very durable once installed, but like any glass it doesn’t do well with direct impact (so refrain from throwing that frying pan at your husband when he is standing in front of it).

Today’s trends in kitchens and design is toward simple and sleek looks, back painted glass gives you that exact look.

If you want the back-splash to stand out then paint it a loud colour, if you want the back-splash to disappear then simply paint it the same colour as the cabinets or wall and you’ll forget that it is even there. Whatever you do about the colour you will be sure that you will have a unique and original back-splash for that kitchen you always dreamed of having.

When planning that kitchen remember to give glass a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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