Sunday, August 2, 2015

How Will Zoning And Deed Restrictions Affect My Renovation Project?


How will zoning and deed restrictions affect the project?


The answer is that they can cause major headaches for people who don't take the time to understand them beforehand.

 Restrictions can be imposed by local government agencies (zoning boards and design committees, for instance) or by a homeowner associations. These restrictions can include setbacks (how far the home must be from the property line), height restrictions (these can restrict not only the overall height of your home but the amount of stories that you are allowed to build above the ground or grade line) and in some instances it can even restrict what finishes can be used on the house. Other restrictions can have an effect on the actual work that is to be done; there are places that have heavy restrictions on when workers can be on the site, how much noise they are allowed to make and what type of vehicles area allowed on the streets. In some places you are not allowed to leave trailers or material in driveways overnight and also the place must appear every weekend to not be a construction site at all.

A professional remodeler should be familiar with the local restrictions and be able to successfully navigate this mass of red tape. If they are not able to then they could end up in a scenario where there projects are delayed or even stopped.

Make sure that the contractor that you are hiring for your renovation understands all of these rules and regulations and can successfully navigate through them without a lot of hassle.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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