Saturday, September 12, 2015

Building Modern Homes In Wasaga Beach

Building modern homes in Wasaga Beach

A question I receive from a lot of potential customers is if I have built any modern homes in the area?

The answer is yes, we built a very modern Miami Beach style home in the town of Wasaga Beach right on the water with beautiful views of Georgian Bay.

The home towers over the street as it was built into a large sand dune helping to create a basement with a single garage that is at street level, where at the beach side you walk out straight on to a rock patio level with the beach from the large first floor windows.

The home is a 3 story home with the top floor being a large master bedroom loft style with amazing views out over the water and a large covered porch to sit and drink your morning coffee.

In fact there are several balconies on the waterside of the house to take advantage of the amazing views and one small covered one on the street side when you want to be out of the wind from the lake and do a little barbequing.

The exterior of the home is stone and steel with a steep steel roof to shed the snow that blows off the water in the long winters.

Everything in the house is customized to the owner’s wishes. The main stair well is a welder built steel open stringer stairs. It has a metal posts that hold glass panels that make up the railing leading up to the loft in the third floor. The first to second floor railing is a wire metal cage style to encase the stairwell.

The home has all tiled floors which work’s well to help deal with the endless sand that blows into the home when the doors are open to the beach.

The main floor of the home is the second floor with its striking modern kitchen that has all white
cabinetry and a back painted purple backsplash.

Across from the kitchen is the dining room that has a modern gas fireplace that is long and thin, it is set up high off the ground so that it will not be blocked by the dining room table when you are in the kitchen.

The third floor master suite has towering cathedral ceilings that and a ensuite bathroom that is open to above giving the feeling of space and privacy all in one.

The main bathroom on the first floor of the home is unique with double sinks and mirrors beside a tub and a glass shower. There is even a door that leads up to a workout room that is set above the garage.

The house is a testament to how a custom home can truly be made one of a kind.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders

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