Monday, October 12, 2015

How To Get Cell Signal At Your Cottage


I have trouble getting a cell phone signal at my cottage is there anything I can do?


There are several things that you can do.

As long as you have some cell signal in the area , even if it’s just a little bit then you should be able to have cell and cellular internet in your cottage, but you are going to need the right equipment.

What you require is a “cell booster”. A cell booster is a device that you install in your cottage that takes a cell signal and rebroadcasts it throughout your cottage. Basically it acts as a cellular signal booster.

The walls and roof of your cottage depending on how they are constructed are an impingement to cellular signal, especially if it is a weak signal.

It’s not enough just to have a cell booster; the cell booster needs an antenna. The antenna is the most important part of the system. You have to mount the antenna in an area that has the best cell signal. If you have an antenna tower or a tree or you can even mount it on the top of your roof where the cell signal is stronger than the antenna will pick up that stronger signal and relay it to the cell booster inside the cottage. This is like sitting on your roof talking on the phone while in reality you are still sitting on the couch.

If the signal is strong enough this will be all you need, usually the antenna that comes with the cell booster units will be enough for you. If your signal is weak on the top of your roof then you will have to buy something else.

What you will need is a directional antenna; this is a speciality antenna that you direct towards the nearest cell tower. This antenna will then pick up the signal from the cell tower where it is stronger and redistribute it inside to the cell booster. These antenna’s are so efficient at this that even if you have a very weak signal you should be able to pick up a stronger signal towards the tower to give you normal cell service inside the cottage.

If you are not handy with technology there are several companies that handle this type of installation and equipment sales. They can easily take care of all this for you.

The cost of these units will pay for themselves in a couple years, because they eliminate the need for you to have a land line with a costly monthly fee, a fee that you usually only use for 3 or 4 months and a lot of the times have to pay for the entire year.

With modern technology there is almost no reason you shouldn’t be able to get a cell signal at your cottage.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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