Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Hot Real Estate Market, Now Is The Time To Build That Custom Home In Collingwood

With the real estate market in and around Collingwood/The Blue Mountains producing record prices for resale homes, partly from the mass of people that are trying to move to the area and the overall lack of inventory of homes on the market for sale, it is creating a pinch among people who are looking to move to the Collingwood area, you need another option.

There are a lot of frustrated real estate agents and buyer's out there as they just can't find anything in their price range to buy.

The alternative to buying a home is have a custom home built.

In the past I have always told people that having a custom home built is more expensive then buying a used house, I also argued that you are getting a new home that is designed completely for you and only you instead of buying somebody else's version of their perfect home or problem. But now with the real estate market the way it is I can finally tell people that it is almost the same price to have a house built then to buy one.

If you are looking to own a home in Collingwood or the Town Of The Blue Mountains there are still a lot of vacant residential lots for sale at a reasonable price. These lots range in shape and size to accommodate anyone's budget or any size of home.

When you start comparing the costs of buying a nice home or having one built the costs are becoming really close, with the added benefit that with building a custom home you are getting a brand new home that is energy efficient and will require little to no maintenance going forward for the next 15 to 20 years.

The energy efficiency is a big plus as the cost of heating your home is going up in the next couple years with the New Carbon Tax that is being brought into Ontario. Modern new homes are so much more energy efficient then their predecessors that you can almost not compare them.

So when you get frustrated at looking at because you just can't find anything that you want in the Collingwood area in houses. turn the settings to vacant land and look for a nice piece of property. Once you have found a nice piece of property that you want to live on send me an email and we can talk about your new custom home that I can build you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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