Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Don't Forget The Rod When Buying A Ceiling Fan

One of the simplest things to forget when you want to either replace a ceiling fan or install a new ceiling fan is to forget the rod that keeps the fan off the ceiling.

Most fans will come with a small rod that is no more then 4 inches long, this works well in flat ceilings that are only 8 feet high. It doesn't help you out when there is any kind of slope to the ceiling.
Fans are usually installed in sloping or high ceilings to help move the air around so that the hot moist air doesn't just collect at the top of the room. This lowers your heating and cooling bills and can help make a room feel more comfortable.

Depending on were you are placing your ceiling fan will determine the length of rod that you will require for it to operate properly. For example if you are placing your ceiling fan at the peak of the roof then the sloping ceiling will restrict how high the fan can be placed as the blades will come in contact with the ceiling. The steeper the ceiling the less room your fan will have and the longer the rod you will require for it to have proper clearance to operate.

Some people will require longer rods not just because of the ceiling angle but also because they want their fans to hang lower so that they can be seen easier as a decorating feature. Other people want to feel the air being moved by the fan so they want the fan to be hung lower for that desired affect.

Whatever the length of rod that you require that rod is more then likely not going to be included with the fan that you purchase. You will have to buy it separately and depending on were you are buying your fan they may not even mention to you that you will need a rod.

The worst case scenario is that you have electricians come into your home, get all set up to change the fan and then inform you that the new fan doesn't fit because the rod isn't long enough. At that point you have several choices;

  1. You can leave and run around town and hopefully find a rod that fits, while the electricians wait for you as they bill you for their time.
  2. You can get the electricians to go out and buy you the appropriate rod that you require, you are not only paying them for their time but also the mark up on the rod that they buy.
  3. You can ask them to come back another day when you are able to find the appropriate rod. This also adds more cost as there is usually a fee for coming back a second time to set up.
When you purchase that fan make sure that before you leave the store you inquire about the appropriate length of rod that you require. If you are not total sure of the length of rod that you need then buy several different lengths, you can always return the ones you don't use.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc

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