Friday, August 12, 2016

Upgrading Your Deck To Make It Special

The cost of labour and materials over the years has risen sharply to the point were it is not a cheap thing to have a deck built anymore, especially if the deck is built properly and by a reputable company that will stand by their warranty. That is why when you do decide to have that deck built you should make sure that you have all those little extra's built into the deck, doing it later will cost more and can cause damage to your new deck.

Some of those extra little things that I'm talking about are as follows;

  • Electrical plugs. GFI's for not only normal electrical needs but also for the rotisserie on your BBQ.
  • You might have thought about the gas line for the BBQ but what about another line for a gas space heater or a gas fire pit. Also if you think that one day you will move your BBQ or in different seasons you move it to get out of the wind then you should have another BBQ adapter location installed. 
  • Lights. Whether the lights are hardwired into the deck or are solar powered it's easier to make them look like they belong if there installed during construction and not retrofitted after.
  • Storage. If your deck is built even a little off the ground then you could have the option of having storage built into the underside of the deck. There are many different types of under-deck storage and many different sizes. Regardless of the one you choose it's a great place to store cushions for the deck chairs when they are not needed.
  • Seating. Sometimes deck furniture can take up to much room and can be impractical in some locations. Having seating built into the deck can be installed out of the way and can allow for more people to comfortably sit when in a social gathering. Built in seating doesn't have to be put away in the winter and weathers with the existing deck.
  • Planter boxes. Building planter boxes can take the place of railings or privacy fences and give your deck some nice colour and depending on the plants height some shade.
  • Shade. There are many different types of shade systems, from sails to pergolas, depending on where you build your deck you could end up with a place that is too hot to enjoy. The best thing to do is to build in some shade in your deck. It's not only good for the people sitting on the deck its also good for the deck to keep it outta the direct sunlight.
  • Speakers. Wiring the deck for sound and running it back to a central location is a nice way to set the mood at any social function. Building it into the deck makes the fit and finish look better and keeps the speakers out of the way of people and animals.
  • Hand rails. Depending on how many stairs you have on your deck you might not require a handrail, but they are a good thing to install anyways to help with an aging population. Hand rails also help in the winter when going down the stairs can be a little dicey. It's always nice to have a hand rail for aging members of the family when they come to visit.
  • Building decks around hot tubs can help people get in and out of them easier and also gives a convenient place to tie down the cover against high winds.
  • Water features. Water foundations, water falls, spouts, misters, there are many different water features that you can build around the deck and into the deck that blend into the landscaping.  
As you can see there are a lot of options that you can pick from when planning out a deck so take your time and talk to your deck building contractor. Doing it while the deck is being constructed will not only save you some money but also add to the enjoyment of your new deck.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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