Saturday, March 25, 2017

Village Builders New Office Location

Village Builders is moving its offices from the Old FireHall in Creemore to the industrial Park on the 6th Line of Clearview just south of Collingwood.

The move is part of an overall plan to centralize Village Builders in the area to serve our large customer base and to allow a little more flexibility.

We enjoyed buying and renovating the Old Firehall on 3 Caroline St East in Creemore, we have been in that location for the past 8 years but everything must change as the nature of the construction industry is always changing.

Our new offices are at 2682 concession 6th North and are still in the township of Clearview.

The new location offers far more parking and storage for our large trucks, garbage bins and equipment that simple wasn't available at the current location in the heart of Creemore. It also allows us more parking for our customers and suppliers.

Nothing is changing with the area that we service or the company as a whole only the actual location of our offices. We are not leaving the Creemore area as several of our employees and I (Rob Abbott) live in Creemore so nothing changes for the servicing of our customers we currently have in the Village.

For the first 29 years of the company existence it had its offices out of the Owners house Doug until the business drastically outgrew his humble office expanding into 2 other rooms in the house. In 2008 we made the decision to buy the Old Firehall and renovate it to create our offices. This helped grow and expand the company to its current size.

Now it is time for Village Builders to change with the times and become more centralized and flexible.

We look forward to serving you with your renovation and custom home building needs.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.