Thursday, June 1, 2017

Insulate And Wire Those Extras Before You Drywall

When you are renovating your home every time you open up a ceiling or a wall to do some work no matter what it is you should consider what else should go in there?

Sounds like a natural thing that you would install everything that needs to go in before you cover it back over but you should think about other things that you might require in the future.

For example in ceilings where there would be livable space above, here are some of the things that you could installed;

  • Sound insulation to stop noise from traveling between floors.
  • Lighting. Potlights or other lighting is easier to install when the ceilings are open.
  • Conduits for future electrical or cable/internet upgrades in the future.
  • Ductwork, Now is the time to upgrade ductwork or add more heat runs.
  • Speakers and speaker wire.
If you are working on walls then all of the things above apply other then the potlights, but you could add in wall sconces instead. 

A couple of things to think about when you have walls open are leaving room for future chases like the wiring that is required for solar panels. As solar panels become cheaper in the upcoming years more and more people will be opting into installing solar panels on the roof, leaving an easy access to run the wiring to the electrical panel will save you money and needless repairs to the walls that you just had re-drywalled,

Some other things that could go in walls:
  • Central vacuums piping and outlets.
  • Flooring lights, these are lights that are installed near the floor to light up hallways.
  • Blocking to hold tv's or heavy paintings on the walls.
  • Safes,
So when you are planning that renovation think about spending a little money on the future of what you might require and save yourself more money in the long term.

Rob Abbott

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