Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stop Repairing Your Cottage And Renovate Already

This winter is turning out to be a wide one with temperatures rising and falling from warm enough to allow it to rain to so cold that you don't want to go outside into the freezer. We have weeks of blowing and snowing and then rain and sunny skies. This kind of weather can be really hard on older chalets and cottages as they will have foundation problems, pipes freezing, heating system issues, roof leaks and a whole host of other issues that will go wrong with the building.

This could be considered a disaster, with you having to spend money on fixing or repairing all these issues that keep happening to your place when you are simply trying to enjoy your weekend.

There is another way to look at it, its a wake up call, its your cottage/chalet telling you that its time to renovate and repair the place so that this doesn't happen in the future. The winter is actually a pretty good time to start having your cottage fixed. A good contractor can renovate and repair your cottage while still allowing you to be able to use it when you come up on the weekends.

As they are renovating they then can fix all the other issues that prop up like freezing pipes or heating system issues. Instead of you finding the problem when you arrive on friday night, your contractor would find it in the middle of the week and have it repaired before you arrive on the weekend.

Your cottage will require renovations in the near future, why not forgo the cost of emergency repairs, hire a contractor to renovate the cottage and have him take care of everything without the cost and stress of the emergency repairs.

This winter isn't a one off, extreme weather is becoming the norm in Southern Ontario, so you might as well start preparing your cottage/chalet for it now, have it renovated and fixed right and not worry about it into the future.

Call a contractor to start repairing and renovating today,

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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