Saturday, July 7, 2018

Were To Get Your Plans For An Addition?

What do you need to build an addition? A set of plans and a contractor.

How do you do those two things? Call the right contractor!

Find the right contractor that can build your addition and they should be able to help you get the plans drawn for you.

It doesn't mean that the contractor will draw them for you, but it does mean that good quality contractors that do a lot of additions regularly work with a select group of draftsmen, designers and architects. This streamlines the process, allowing the contractor to help direct the creation of the plans, so that they coincide with your budget and not just your vision for the space.

The process from getting drawings to getting a proper budget to then getting a contract signed with your contractor usually takes months, that's why finding a contractor that can help you with the drawings is a great thing because it will help cut that time down to a minimum.

When the architect and the contractor work closely together then there are less surprises later when the job is being priced and constructed. The architect knows how the contractor prices and builds and the contractor knows how the architect designs buildings and what materials they like to be used. It makes the entire build process run smoother.

A contractor that has been building additions and new homes for a long time will not only know people who can create your drawings, they will also know the right people to draw you drawings. There are many different people who can create drawings but they are not all created equal.

Each person or company that create drawings offer a different level of service, different design style, different build style and of course a different price point. Your contractor will be able to determine which one you will need after discussing it with you and getting some answers on style and budget.

Most contractors that are good at what they do, have been around in the industry for any length of time and have a good reputation will have a stable of people and companies that they can recommend to you for your drawings. If they don't then you should consider that a red flag.

If you are wanting to build an addition and you need drawings and a contractor send us an email at or call us at 705-466-3202, we'd be glad to help.

Rob Abbott
Village Builders Inc.

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