Saturday, September 1, 2018

5 Ideas to Transform Your Bedroom into a Luxe Den

Who does not want to sleep in a bedroom the looks like a thousand dollar hotel suite or a picture featured on the glossy page of a home décor magazine? However, the budget is a problem for most people. Besides, spending a fortune on expensive items doesn’t necessarily guarantee a sophisticated look. Without a proper plan, your room can end up looking like a luxurious mess! 

If you want to give your bedroom a luxe makeover, you have to be thoughtful with the details. Follow these five ideas as they can make your sleeping den look expensive and feel more inviting.   

Create a Hotel-at-Home Luxe with Glossy Materials

Have you ever thought how the big hotel rooms look luxurious so effortlessly? Well, there’s no big secret except for oversized furniture and incorporating some materials that look glamorous. If you have a big bedroom, furnish it with large furniture pieces in fine finishes such as leather and velvet. You can also choose the fabrics in silk and satin to add more layers and create a plushy feeling.


An Oversized Headboard

Upholstered headboard has long replaced the freestanding versions in an attempt to make the sleeping place more glamorous and comfortable. A large headboard covered with a plush fabric is a typical hotel device and is an indicator of the height of extravagance.

A bit of good upholstery goes a long way to making the room look luxurious. However, it won’t cost you a significant amount of money if you are a nifty DIY-er. Just keep in mind the overall scale of the space while determining the upholstery size, and then complement it with a big bedside table, beddings, and matching lamps. 

Smarten up with Wainscoting

Modern wainscoting can bring up a laid-back luxe style that is smart to look and easy to live with. You can choose it to create an accent wall just behind the headboard so that it gives the impression of a boutique hotel style.

Install raised panel wainscoting on the entire wall, and paint it in a slightly darker tone than the bedding. Complete the look with matt satin and Egyptian cotton sheets and a plush wool blanket so that the room looks elegant and sophisticated. Model Home Makeover is a renovation company toronto and shared a beautiful home interior design photo gallery for you to look at.

If you instead want to install the wainscoting on the lower half of the surrounding walls, try to give them a deluxe paint job in silver or gray color. These hues have the magical power of transforming even a quite simple place into something upscale and beautiful.

Choose a Rich Accent Color

There are no rules about the colors in a bedroom. You can try everything – from a soft pansy to bright yellow or a subtle lavender to screaming red. However, if your intention is to grab attention as well as create an impression of lavishness, jewel tones are the best choices. Sumptuous blues, greens, and reds add an instant extravagant touch to any bedroom. Choose a bright, accent color and spread it evenly into the whole room so that it does not disrupt the harmony of the place.

Go Neutral for a Royal Elegance

If fancy items, vibrant colors, and wild decorations don’t suit your taste, go for an entirely different take on glamor by decorating the bedroom with shabby chic style furniture and accessories. Exploit a neutral color scheme and stops it from looking too plain with an ornate mirror, glamorous lighting fixtures, and a few pieces of vintage furniture. Your bedroom will exude such a classy elegance that no one can help giving compliments!

These décor ideas will give your bedroom the perfect balance of recreation and luxurious drama. Whether you prefer a dark, moody scheme or find an all-white backdrop quite irresistible, there are numerous ways to translate your personal choices into a glamorous decoration. Don’t spend money on unnecessary, expensive furniture or renovations. Follow these tricks, and they will help you create your dream bedroom!

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