Monday, October 14, 2019

New Pools Need New Fences

Do you want to install a pool at your home?

Well you better budget for all new fencing and gates around your backyard.

When people budget for a pool they never seem to consider that their existing fencing around their backyard (which has worked so well for their kids and the dogs) is completely illegal if they install a pool.

This happens so often that when building inspectors show up to do an inspection of the pool (because if you want to put a pool in you will need a building permit) they barely look at the pool, they spend the majority of their time inspecting not only the fencing that is surrounding the yard that the pool is in but also every gate and entrance that lead to that area.

I have had building inspectors actually go off topic when they are there to inspect something else (during a new house build) just to point out that all the existing fences are illegal.

One of the major problems you will have if your fencing and/or gates are illegal is that the building inspectors will deny you the ability to fill the pool with water because of safety concerns. If you can't fill the pool with water then you actually can't finish the pool. When pool companies install your finished waterproof liner they instantly fill the pool to hold the liner down, without water they won't install the liner. Without the liner your cant use your pool.

At the beginning when you start to figure out the budget for your new pool you better remember to either talk to your current contractor or call a fence contractor about the cost of replacing your fence/gates. This could be a big ticket item depending on how much fence you are required to install and what type of fence it will be.

When you start talking about replacing fences it's not just up to you, your neighbours have a say in it as well, because depending on what side of the lot line the fence is sitting on your neighbour could own part or all of the fence. In a normal backyard in town most people have more then one neighbour, they could have up to as many as 5 different neighbours that they have to deal with. One of them could cause major problems for you if you don't get their permission in advance from them about replacing fences.

You don't want to end up not being able to finish your new pool because you didn't secure enough money or neighbours permission for your fences!

Proper planning makes proper builds.

Rob Abbott
Great Lakes Custom Homes Inc.

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