Saturday, May 16, 2020

Ontario To Start Allowing New Construction To Start

Now that the Province of Ontario has announced that construction can resume next week things are going to start getting interesting and fast.

In some municipalities there are already a huge backlog of building permits that have been applied for and approved. Because of the restrictions building departments were allowed to review applications for building permits but weren't allowed to grant any permits.

Now the gun is about to go off and the race is about to begin. Residential construction is going to start in earnest. Between the fact that it has been a fairly dry spring and a lot of tradesmen have been running out of work or laid off because of all the restrictions, building will be starting and companies will be working long hours and as many days a week as possible to catch up and reclaim some of the lost revenue.

No matter where you are in Ontario if you want work done you need to start looking for your contractor NOW.

It won't matter if you are looking to Build a new custom home, renovating your cottage or even building a deck, finding a contractor that isn't going to be booked solid will become increasingly difficult if not impossible.

You have now spent the last 2 months sitting at home thinking about what you want to have done, you will need to start getting that contractor or the plans for what you want completed as soon as possible.

Something else your going to need to understand is that the cost of construction has not been reduced because of the pandemic. In fact it's actually driven the cost of a lot of the material up instead of down. A lot of manufacturing has slowed or stopped creating a short fall of material, this drives the price of the material higher and as companies continue to book farther into the future the cost of their services will go up as well.

A lot of companies including this one never stopped working through the pandemic as our permitted jobs were allowed to continue.

For people who didn't lose a lot of income during the pandemic (depending on their job) now is the time to get their construction projects finished, money is actually never been cheaper to borrow then it is right now with historically low interest rates.

The best thing for you to do if your not prepared to start this summer on a project then find the contractor that you want to use and book them for when you want the work to be done, no matter if that's 6 months from now or a year from now lock up your contractor before you don't have a choice and you end up with no one to do the work.

Rob Abbott
Great Lakes Custom Homes Inc.

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