Saturday, April 2, 2011

Why can't my house look like a magazine!

A question women ask us all the time is “why can't my house look like the one in the magazines!”

It's a good question, one I have wondered over the years. That was until I talked to our Interior Designer. She would have a client hand her a picture or pictures from a magazine and they would say “I really like that room”. She would reply “do you like everything in the picture, the lamps, the sheets, the colours, the window treatments?”. If the answer was yes then the only other question she would ask would be “what's your budget?”.
An Interior Designer won't just design you a wonderful environment, she will actually go and source all the products from lamps right down to the furniture. With your approval she'll purchase and have delivered all the items to finish off your space. Then when you walk in after the room is completed you'll feel like you walked right into the magazine.

The realization you need to come too is that it saves you money to pay someone to shop for you.
A well qualified designer will save you money by being able to buy from wholesalers and receive good discounts from stores.

I have witnessed home owners spent weeks looking for flooring, plumbing and lighting fixtures. I have seen a whole custom home project worth a million dollars shut down because the home owner thought that they could save money by finding there own fixtures and not have to pay for a designer.

I have had home owners admit that they really don't like the things they chose after the project is completed, they gave up looking because they ran out of time and energy.

So after all the money, time and stress of going through hiring a contractor, opening your home up to strangers you come away unsatisfied because you didn't find what you wanted to finish the space off to your taste and standards.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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