Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you really need to prime before you paint?

For most people priming the walls before painting is an afterthought.  Since this is usually close to the finish of your renovation or addition project, the feeling generally is, ‘let’s just get it done’.  But the proper application of a primer coat before painting is a key step that will ensure your enjoy years of satisfaction. 
Primers provide a foundation for paint. Ordinary paint is formulated to provide rich, beautiful color in your home-but don't expect paint to do a primer's job. High-quality primers are much richer in resin than ordinary paint and stick to the surface to provide a firm base for paint. In fact, research shows that one coat of tinted primer and one coat of paint will give you a better-looking, longer-lasting paint job than two coats of paint.
Gregory Roe of Superior Painting in Collingwood, one of our trusted trades puts it this way, “Primers make your colors look better...they create a sealed, stain-free surface for paint, primers make your colors look vibrant and beautiful”. 
Primers prevent common problems. Because primers are formulated to prevent problems such as cracking, peeling and blistering, they'll make any painted surface more durable, washable-and last much longer!  Roe adds, “They hide previous colors-even dark blues and reds-and prevent them from showing through your new paint job”.
Primers also save you money. One gallon of high-quality paint costs more than one gallon of high-quality primer. Tinting your primer towards your paint colour uses less paint and provides all the benefits of priming, without adding an extra step.
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  1. Just found your blog – love it! Great step by step furniture refinishing tutorial. Thanks!