Friday, March 18, 2011

7 tips to revitalize your home this spring

We get asked a lot about things that you can do to ‘freshen-up’ your home in the spring.  

There are lots of sources out there but here are some things that you can do that will give you a lift right now:

1.      Create an accent wall.  Choose one wall and paint in a deep saturated colour.  Russets, pumpkin and nut shades are all excellent.

2.      Warm up furnishings.  ‘Cozy up’ your couch with a plush throw and some plush pillows.

3.      Swap area rugs.  Replace a warm-weather rug with a softer thicker one.  Bold geometric and over sized patterns add drama and warmth.

4.      Envelop the space.  Dress windows in light drapery panels.  Hang them floor to ceiling recasting windows as walls.  Choose jewel tones to add punch.

5.      Dim the lights.  Invest in dimmers if you haven’t already to add drama to rooms to counter the pale winter light.

6.      Bring style with still life’s.  Choose memorable displays for tabletops, bookshelves or sills.  Think in multiples:  logs stacked by a fireplace, oranges amassed in a bowl, an occasional table loaded full of crystal.

7.      Make over your photos.  Re-framing your photos and family artwork gives them a whole new lease on life.  Gold achieves a luxurious and warming feeling.
These are just some of the ideas you can use to spice up you home this spring.  If you find yourself challenged for more ideas give us a call. 

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