Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Finn saw, the original multi-tool

The Finn saw, the original multi-tool.

Today every manufacture makes a multi-tool but there is only one original multi-tool the FINN saw.

Don’t let the name fool you, it does everything you need it to do.

The Finn saw uses vibration to do all its work, instead of spinning blades it osculates at such a high rate that the blade attached to the end of the tool will almost cut through anything. Depending on what you are cutting they have a different blade for that purpose. With the new Finn tools having a quick connect system changing blades or functions is now simpler and quicker than in previous generations.

The Finn multi-tool will sand large surfaces or small detail areas where regular palm sanders would never fit. Previously the only way to sand these areas around spindles or tight corners where by hand sanding which took effort, time and some skill. Finn sanding pads come in a triangle formation allowing you to insert the point of the sanding disk into the smallest of areas. To go from cutting to sanding you simply lift the lever on the top of the tool and the blade releases. You then simply put the triangle shaped sanding pad on in the direction that you require it to go. You then choose the grit of sand paper that you require, the sandpaper joins to the pad by Velcro and is easily removed and replaced when worn out.

The main reason that I recommend that you buy the Finn multi-tool over all the other brands is that all other manufactures models are copied after the original. Like true originals they got it right the first time, the Finn is the most durable and toughest tool still on the market today.

I had one Finn multi-tool go through a house fire where it ended up in a foot of water for more than 12 hours. When I retrieved the tool a week later I was worried that I would have to throw it away and buy another one. What I did do is leave the tool in a heated shop for a week to let it dry out. The tool when turned on worked perfectly right away, it worked perfectly for many years after that and only had to be replaced when the tool was over a decade old and had been abused by many employee’s in my company.
By then the tool had paid for itself many times over and owed the company nothing.

If you are looking for a multi-tool the Finn is the only one that I would recommend and the only one that my company uses. You may pay more for the Finn multi-tool at the start but it will outlast and out work everything on the market and make you money for years to come.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


  1. The Finn saw uses vibration to do all its work, instead of spinning blades it osculates at such a high rate that the blade attached to the end of the ...

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  3. Vibration can be reduced by mounting the saw to a stand. A sturdily mounted saw and heavier saw/stand combination will reduce vibration. Many companies offer stands purpose built for their saws. latest pole saw