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Know Your Stress Points: Preparing for an Addition

Know Your Stress Points: Preparing for an Addition

We appreciate that a major remodeling project will cause some increase of stress levels for our clients. Change always does, and a room addition or other large-scale project is no exception.

In our experience as a professional remodeling contractor, we’ve come to understand, recognize, and appreciate the stress of planning for and living with a big remodeling job.

One of our roles, in fact, is to help our clients manage that stress with a professional approach. Our goal is to minimize stress by eliminating surprises and keeping the lines of communication open at each stage of the remodeling process.

At the contract signing. The investment in a large-scale remodeling project is significant. Doubts and second thoughts at this "moment of truth" are not uncommon. At times like these, we find it useful to review our clients' vision for their project and help remind them of the improved quality of life their new addition will afford them. They've typically done significant legwork and research to this point and reconnecting them with the bigger picture is often just the ticket they need to gain (or regain) their confidence and move ahead.
At the start of construction. Before we break ground, we work with our clients to establish jobsite protocols and expectations to minimize the stress that our intrusion into their home life will inevitably cause.

For instance, we may not break through the connecting wall to the house until the last possible minute, minimizing our impact and keeping noise to a minimum. We designate a single path from the curb to the location of the addition to preserve and respect landscaping features and plants. We typically order temporary restrooms for our crews and subs. We set down runners and tarps so we don’t track debris through the existing house. And, we always leave a clean jobsite at the end of each day.

These steps go a long way toward enabling our clients to live their lives with minimal stress during the course of a lengthy remodeling project.

Near the end of construction. The finishing stages of any construction job are the most tedious, and with the end in sight (but still on the horizon), many clients get anxious for the job to complete. We don't blame them.
We find communication at this stage of the project to be very important and effective in keeping stress to a minimum. We make it a point to explain exactly what is left to be done, who they can expect on the job, and reiterate a firm date of completion. For the majority of our clients, this helps keep the stress under control and generally allows smooth sailing through the end of the job.

As a professional remodeler, a big part of our job is to make our clients' experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible. Recognizing common stress points and advising clients how to cope with them is a key ingredient to our success and our clients' ultimate satisfaction.

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