Sunday, August 12, 2012

My roof is leaking what should I do?

My roof is leaking what should I do?

General Contractor

The first thing you should do; if you already have a general contractor that you have worked with in the past call them. They will be able to help you right away.

What you need is someone to come over as soon as possible and put a tarp on the roof to minimize the interior damage that water will cause to your home. Your general contractor would be able to send people over to tarp the roof; this will satisfy your immediate need (which is to stop the leak).

Your second need is to have the roof repaired by a professional. Here again your contractor can help you, they can gather competing bids and break the bids down so that you understand exactly what you are being quoted on.

If you need to involve your insurance company then having a general contractor acquire multiple bids should help satisfy them as well.

What you need to know about roofers is that they need insurance and also need to follow certain safety guidelines to work on your roof. This will protect you as the homeowner and minimize the chance for an injury while they are on your property.

The other thing that a general contractor will be able to do is give you all the choices of shingles and colours that you can choose from, this will allow you to not just get a new roof but get the roof that you want.

Roofing Contractor

If you don’t have a general contractor then you should call a roofer that someone you know has used and would recommend. This way you know that they do quality work. Get them to come out and tarp your roof to stop the leaks. This will cost you some money which should be expected, no one works for free.

The one thing about paying the roofer for the tarping of the roof is it allows you to not have to use that roofer to repair or replace the roof.

If you agree to have the roofer repair or replace the roof immediately then you take your ability to research other roofers and get competing bids. Acquiring competing bids will allow you to get the best price and also allow you to have the product that you want.

If you are using an insurance company to finance the repairs or replacement then you will be forced by them to get competing bids.

If you need help with your leaky roof email us at and we will be able to help you get your roof repaired or replaced.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.


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    1. I know that trying to fix it yourself sounds like a wonderful idea right up to the point that you fall off the roof and hurt yourself. Fixing a roof should be done by professionals. Roofing can be a dangerous thing to do if you don't know what you are doing.

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  3. I agree, roof repair jobs should be done with precaution, and only professionals can handle such task. It’s better to let them handle these because they can produce better results in a shorter period. There’s one effective thing that households can do to attain efficient roofing –regular maintenance and frequent inspection.

    Tiffany Larsen

  4. Also try to get every agreement in writing before hiring a roofer. This would ensure the commitment of both parties. And it would also help to talk to them before the initial work begins so that you can have an estimate on the cost of the repair materials. Buying them yourself would also ensure a significant decrease on your bill. Just make sure your materials won’t lag behind so that the repair would be continuous and would be done in no time.

    Tristan German

  5. You’re right, Rob! It’s a good idea to hire a roofing contractor that you trust. They know the best way to repair or replace your roof since they are specifically trained in that field. Besides, if homeowners entrust the procedure to the professionals, the whole process can be finished faster and the results can be better.

    Rodney Orton

  6. Hiring a general contractor is, indeed, the best solution in fixing roof leakage problems. They will not just simply fix and repair roofs, but they will also be able to easily provide relevant solutions to avoid this common problem.

    Allyson Sunde

  7. Well, you can’t blame people for doing things by themselves. There are some people who really love trying it out, but you’re right! You must let a professional do the job. Doing it by yourself may even make things worse, especially when you don’t really know much about roofing. At least with the experts, who actually know what they’re doing, can give you the best solution and keep you from spending more money on future repair costs.

    Norbert Floth

  8. Wearing proper shoes is a must when installing Visit. It will keep you safe while doing this work.

  9. Thanks for this article! I appreciate you writing up immediate steps to consider. I like that you included the tarp suggestion which I missed early on. While doing the research for a contractor and roofer this could certainly buy you enough time to make a better decision.

    I wonder if you would consider a home inspector a good person to consult as an alternate to a general contractor if you haven't needed one before... Or would you consider a home inspector not specialist enough.



    1. Thanks for the question about home inspectors, I have posted my response to your question in my March 6th 2013 blog posting.

  10. I agree, roof repair jobs should be done with precaution, and only professionals can handle such task. It’s better to let them handle these because they can produce better results in a shorter period. Like your idea and postings thanks for sharing. Liquid Roofing EPDM