Friday, August 31, 2012

New homes trending toward higher quality products and finishes

Staying in Style in the "New Economy"

Economic hard times or not, new homes are still being built across the country and in our community. But housing industry and new-home style 'experts' have noted a change in how people are approaching those projects. The trend seems to be toward high quality products and finishes.

We've been paying attention to those trends. We are committed to be responsive to the needs of our homebuyers by being prepared to help make design selections or suggestions for their new home.

As you read this list, keep in mind that our clients' specific and unique wants and desires trump any trend. Consider the following as observations. They are not intended as mandates.

A few of the primary themes we've noticed include:

People are looking for Canadian made finishes and quality products that will last longer and reduce energy and resource use. Homeowners want to lessen ongoing maintenance and replacement costs.

Given that higher-quality and resource-efficient materials and products may cost more, consumers are gravitating toward "minimalist" design schemes .

We like our technology! New homes are a great way to accommodate greater and more convenient access to it -- namely, by providing an ample amount of wiring and cable (and multiple outlets) to allow for video and audio through the house.  All home automation is something that is really catching on. Imagine walking around your house with one remote that will control lights, heating , audio , video etc

Our new central vacuum with the "hid a hose" feature is a great hit . No more trying to hang your vacuum hose in the closet, just put your hand over the end of the hose and it disappears into the wall.  ( my wife thinks this is awesome ,and never fails to demostrate it to everyone who walks into our showroom)

Earth tones are the new white ... at least according to some style experts.

Though not as opulent or outfitted as they were a few years back, outdoor areas remain a popular way to extend usable living space.

Home offices continue to be in demand, accommodating in-home businesses or telecommuting trends.

Home theater in dedicated rooms with high end video and audio are a must have with the younger generation of new home owners.

Reports indicate that buyers of new custom homes and other consumer goods have altered their value systems toward more quality, durable,energy and resource-efficient products. We're keeping close tabs on those trends to meet our clients' needs.

Warm Regards,

Doug Abbott
Village Builders

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