Sunday, September 9, 2012

Having your eave trough painted to match your house

If you are trying to match the eave trough on your new home or addition to the soffit then you might have to actually hand paint it.

This might sound strange to most people that you would take a coloured aluminum eave trough and take the time to paint it but it actually happens more than you think.

The reason that this happens is because there are only about 175 different colours of metal eave trough available on the market and there are probably 10,000 to 20,000 different colours of paint in the world.

A lot of my customers that have custom homes with custom wood siding want the eave trough to disappear as much as possible. So the only way to accomplish this is to hand paint the eave trough after it’s in stalled.

The paint used is a high end metal paint that has been matched to the wood facia. The result is that the eave trough almost disappears. Eave trough  are usually not seen as an architectural part of most custom homes, they are more functional then anything and most homeowners would rather get away with not having them at all. But for most people they are essential to help controlling the water coming off the roof.

As long as you use a professional painter to paint the eave trough then you should have no problem with the quality of the finish. Most people can’t even tell that it has been painted until they get right up close to one of the downspouts.

So if you are at the stage that you need to pick your eave trough on your custom home, try not picking a colour of metal at all and get your painter to finish it after it is installed.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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