Thursday, September 20, 2012

We just completed a project for the designer Jentry Chin

We just completed a project for the designer Jentry Chin. It was am addition on a farm house in the hills of Creemore for one of Jentry’s clients. This was the first large project that we have ever done with Jentry; we have only done a small project with him many years ago.

The project that we just finished was a 300 sqft addition to create a larger bedroom on the north side of the house and also to increase the size of the neighbouring mudroom.

When the project was finished we had taken a smallish bedroom with a 7 ft high ceiling, no closet, one window and an old patio door and turned it into a luxury style bedroom with cathedral ceilings that reached a height of over 12 feet.

We changed the existing window to a new window that was twice the size, added a second window the same size and installed a large picture window to take the place of the sliding door. When we were done there was a large proper closet and a wood beam at the peak of the cathedral ceiling. New pot lights and a ceiling fan help bring the room in to the 21st century.

All of this was accomplished by gutting the old room of all drywall and trim and then adding an addition out the end of the building. We installed a new crawl space foundation and added a large overhang to the end of the roof to cover the new cedar deck that the homeowners starting enjoying before the project wasn’t even completed.

Designer Jentry Chin had a vision of very clean lines, so there was no baseboard trim installed in the new room, the drywall was finished at the floor with a corner bead, giving it a very clean modern look. The entrance door to the room was also given the same no trim treatment and turned out quiet sharp looking.

The windows and closet doors where handled differently because we were re-using shutters that had been in another residence. With a little creativity on the part of Jentry and our carpenters we were able to get the shutters mounted and operating so that when unfolded in they covered the interior window. This feature gave the room a real clean and warm feeling.

The room was painted white and the carpet was close to the same colour, this helped focus the attention to the architecture of the room’s sharp lines and high ceilings.

In the end the client was happy and so was Jentry Chin the designer. It was a very pleasurable experience working with Jentry and we look forward to working with him again on whatever next project he comes up with for us.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.  


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