Monday, March 18, 2013

Affordable custom built home, is it possible?


 Affordable custom built home, is it possible?


Congrats! You made the decision to build your custom home. Your dream come true!
Your plans have been drawn up by your architect/designer, a builder has reviewed your plans and budget.
Unfortunately some dreams stop here. Too much house, too much money! How do you get it within an affordable budget?

Get realistic about the size and the finishes for your custom home.

Size- it is natural to plan too large- scale down to reduce construction cost. Think about the amount of rooms that you truly require and the size that you "need" them to be not "want" them to be.

Finishes-Yes , you want the best, but work with your architect/designer and builder to find alternative solutions that will work within your budget. This is one of the easiest places that you can save money. Changing the trim from a custom stained hardwood to a finely painted popular could reduce the cost of the home significantly. Down grading the finishes in the guest bathrooms and bedrooms, or the laundry room or places like the mud room or basement will help you get your custom home built without breaking the bank.

Uses-Think about what you plan to do in and around your new home, is this the house you plan to retire into? Or is this the home that you plan to raise a family? Are you married, have dogs, have enlaws that have to live with you? Remember that your building a custom home, most people live in a custom home for decades, that means that regardless of what you do with your home when it is built you will probably end up having to renovate it before you sell it decades later.

Porches, decks, patios- The size, scope, detail and finishings of these can add a lot of money to the overall cost of the home. Simplifying these can help save you 10's of thousands of dollars.

Garages-The size and shape of garages add a lot of cost to a custom home build, the more doors and the larger the foot print of the home makes it ever higher in price.

Remember- your custom dream home can be possible-be realistic-talk to your architect/designer and builder every step of the way.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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