Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring skiing is here and the renovation season has begun!

Spring skiing is here, soft snow, sunglasses, sun, rain, snow and the kick off to spring renovation season.

When the sun comes out in the spring and weather starts to offer hopes of nicer days to come people start to think about the improvements or the repairs that their home or chalet require. It’s this time of year that you wonder if the sun is connected to the phone in the office.

When the sun comes out from behind the clouds and brightens up everyone’s day, the phone starts to ring with people looking to renovate. You can almost set your watch to it.

Through the February deep freeze the snow blows, the clouds cover the sun and the temperature keeps dropping till you’re pretty sure that the ground will never de-thaw. It gets to the point that you pick the phone up and check to see if there is a dial tone, you check the internet connection to make sure its still working and you start to wonder if the postal service has just given up trying to deliver the mail through the harsh winter months.

But then all of a sudden March rolls around and the world start to look a little more promising, a little more liveable and the leads start to come in, the phone rings, your in-box fills up and the post office seems to find people that want to send you things in the mail again.

You wonder where everyone was in the winter months when everything was so quiet and you had the man power and the time to quickly and easily quote and complete all of these jobs. But then again these people were probably doing the same thing that you were doing, hibernating.

So now that the world has survived another winter and you are looking for some renovation work please be patient with your contractor, the rest of the world has just done what you did and called looking for a quote and is wondering when the renovation can be completed, there all hoping for "as soon as possible".

Rob Abbott
Operations Manger
Village Builders Inc.

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