Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eldorado stone is blurring the line between manufactured and nature stone.

Eldorado stone is blurring the line between manufactured and nature stone.

Eldorado stone's line of manufactured stone veneer will make you take a second look. Then a second look and maybe a third, you will have trouble telling the difference between it and nature stone.

One of the biggest complaint's consumers have had for decades is that manufactured stone looked like what it was, a fake man made product. Eldorado’s stone now has a high definition look that makes it the closest thing to real stone without digging it out of the ground.

There are a lot of advantages to using a manufactured stone over a nature stone:

Manufactured stone is lighter then natural stone. It makes using Eldorado stone an ideal product for renovations, you can install it on any wall in your home without having to worry about the overall load unlike when you work with natural stone.

If your one of those people that wants to choose the exact look and colour of your stone then you want manufactured stone, natural stone can have random colours, sizes, shapes an patterns. Eldorado's colours match perfectly and blend seamlessly, giving you exactly what you want without any surprises.

The cost of installation is a fraction of natural stone. Natural stone requires a stone mason, where the installation of manufactured stone can be done by any competent person with the skill and eye of installing it. I do recommend using a stone mason to install it, especially if you are doing a larger job like the outside of a custom home, the installation will be of a higher quality with a stone mason then without. Stone masons rates for the installation of manufactored stone are far less then that of real stone.

The actual cost of the stone is usually cheaper then natural stone as well.
With Eldorado’s panel installation it is actually faster and easier than ever before. The panel has three or four pieces of the stone already attached together and are positioned so that you can interlock them with one another creating an almost seamless joint. There is almost no noticeable difference between a panel of Eldorado stone and the normal individual pieces of Eldorado stone, the only difference you'll notice is the  the greater speed with which it is installed.

The next time you are thinking of renovating take a look at Eldorado stone, you will be impressed with their products fit and finish.

Eldorado stone will look great on any custom home, bringing a richness to your home without the high cost.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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