Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ever wonder why your do it yourself project didn’t turn out the way you thought it would?

Ever wonder why your do it yourself project didn’t turn out the way you thought it would?

There is a simple reason why this happened to you, when you see these projects done on TV or on commercials for big box stores, they are first done by qualified professionals and then have actors do it to make it look better. They also have the ability to edit everything so it looks easy and seamless. Then they show you on TV how easy it is to do it yourself, the problem is that what they leave out is all the little tricks that has taken years for an experienced professional to figure out. These little tricks are what make the job your doing come out looking like the one on TV.

Those little tricks are what you will never learn; the reason is that you aren’t going to be doing these projects year after year gaining the valuable experience that is required. It can take you a lifetime to learn what you need to do to properly do large complicated jobs when you are only tinkering with them at your own home.

Large jobs in your home such as kitchen renovations, large plumbing jobs, electrical wiring, bathroom renovations, structural changes, wall removal, window replacement, deck building and anything that should require you to get a building permit.

There is a term in the renovation business that calls the dust in a renovation “divorce dust”. More relationships break up because of renovations gone bad then almost anything else. Nothing causes more stress and confrontation then renovations. If you then take that stress causing, money costing, dirt everywhere, can’t find anything, strange men in your home and nothing where it should ever be. Then take all of these irritants and extend them over a long period of time because you are doing it yourself and you have the perfect recipe for divorce.

After you go through all the work you end up with a product a little less then what you wanted because you did yourself and it lacks that refined touch that professionals do.

After all the things that can go wrong and the stress that it will cause you, why wouldn’t you hire a professional and get the job done right in a timely and efficient manner.

Rob Abbott
Operations Manager
Village Builders Inc.

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  1. The bigger projects that require more construction site safetymeasures I usually leave to the professionals (ie, plumbing, electricity, construction, etc.)